Homogenised Resources

Get the best out of your hardware, with evenly-distributed workloads.

Scale on Demand

Effortless granular scaling, just when you need it.

Intelligent High-Availability

Automatic multi-node redundancy, with self-healing fast recovery.

Built on Cisco’s tried & tested UCS server platform, Hyperflex delivers on the promises of hyperconvergnce:

  • A truly integrated toolset for managing storage, compute, virtualisation and software-defined networking.
  • Scaling up is so easy, you can do it on short notice. Only buy extra gear when you really need it.
  • Data and workload is evenly distributed on your servers, avoiding bottlenecks and maximising performance.
  • Unrivalled storage performance with all-flash or economical flash/HDD hybrid options.
  • Complete redundancy of data and applications between server nodes, with auto-failover.
  • Integration with market-leading VMware vSphere virtualisation.

Cisco’s innovative HX Data platform provides a next-generation file system that allows you fully realise the benefits of hyperconvergence, with features including:

  • Inline deduplication and compression of data, using advanced algorithms that bring significant storage savings.
  • Maximised flash life-expectancy with sequential writing policies.
  • Instant cloning and snapshots, based on file metadata.
  • Easy to configure replication, with self-healing abilities.

The Nutanix vision of hyperconvergence has taken the data-centre world by storm, with thousands of satisfied customers.

  • The power of robust cloud technology, coupled with the security of your data-centre.
  • App Mobility Fabric that allows you seamlessly migrate apps between different hypervisors, or even in and out of public cloud services.
  • Easy scaling from 3 server nodes to hundreds, in small or large increments.
  • App and data automatically distributed across nodes, to maximise performance & reliability.
  • Storage aggregated over all nodes, presented as a unified space via SMB, NFS or iSCSI.
  • Option to use Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor, saving on 3rd party license costs.
  • Compatible with both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Dynamic migration of data to optimum node, based on app traffic.
  • APIs provided for integration with other systems.

Cisco Hardware for Hyperflex

  • Cisco’s HX220 (1U) and HX240 (2U) rack-mount nodes are specifically designed for Hyperflex.
  • Available in both all-flash and hybrid flash/HDD versions.
  • Add extra individual nodes to your cluster as required, to scale incrementally.
  • Hyperflex is also compatible with Cisco UCS blade servers.

Nutanix Hardware Options

  • Cisco’s tried & tested B200 UCS blade servers are certified to work with Nutanix.
  • Cisco C200 series rack-mount servers also supported.
  • Nutanix also offers several dedicated rack-mount hardware nodes, including NX-1000, 3000, 6000 and 8000 series.
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