PSTN Phone Trunks

Our SIP trunks provide toll-quality voice services between your business and the outside world.

Cost Effective

SIP trunks replace costly and inflexible ISDN lines with a modern & efficient IP-based solution.

SD-WAN Compatible

Our SIP Trunks are 100% compatible with the latest SD-WAN technologies.

PlanNet21’s SIP Trunking solution is a premium toll-quality voice solution, which provides access to the PSTN over PlanNet21’s next-generation, multi-service network. SIP trunks replace costly and inflexible ISDN lines to deliver toll-quality voice with strong SLAs as part of a converged solution.

PlanNet21’s SIP Trunking solution reduces the cost of business communications for clients by potentially reducing the total number of physical lines needed and by cheaper call costs and line rental. Voice and data may be converged on to one connection giving access to other value-adding applications from our Unified Communications portfolio.

The PlanNet21 SIP Trunking solution is very attractive to businesses who want to reduce the cost of their telephone bills and line rental charges but who don’t want to make sacrifices in quality and service. The solution will suit those organisations with either TDM or IP PBX wanting a cheaper, more scalable but highly-reliable replacement for traditional TDM based voice circuits (ISDN). Customers moving to this solution have the ability to port their existing DDIs or alternatively acquire a new range from our stock of numbers.

IP Enabled Phone Systems

For IP Enabled Phone Systems (IP-PBXs) the SIP Trunk may be terminated directly on the phone system itself. This allows the replacement of traditional ISDN type circuits with the latest generation SIP trunks with sufficient affordable QOS-protected bandwidth to support the use of real toll quality voice codecs such as G.711. Not only that but the high level of bandwidth available makes it wonderful for supporting CD quality wideband Audio such as G722.2.


PBX Based Phone Systems

For traditional PBX based phone systems that have not yet been upgraded to IP, PlanNet21 can deploy a voice gateway to enable the SIP Trunk to be connected to the PBX. The voice gateway has an IP interface which terminates the SIP Trunk. It also has traditional E1 interfaces, which connect to the corporate PBX via Q.Sig links. Thus customers can avail of the benefits and cost savings associated with a SIP Trunking service even if they do not own an IP enabled PBX.

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